Recap: Facilities Community Input Sessions #2 and #3

Wednesday (10/12) and Thursday (10/13), 50+ community members, Board of Education members, and staff met for the second set of community input sessions to brainstorm ways to solve the puzzle of our facilities for the next 50 years.

Each person was able to share input on a range of possible district facilities solutions, that were the results of prior input meetings. Participants voted on the solutions they liked best through an online poll, and then shared in group discussions about the various options.

The clip attached shows a few of the responses from community members to the final question at Thursday’s meeting: “If there is one thing to be addressed by USD 418, what would it be?” 

Unable to make an input session, and want to help solve the puzzle? Expect to see the facilities questions that were asked at the community input meetings, and share your input soon.