***McPherson Residents: We Need Your Input ***

McPherson Residents should be receiving a pamphlet similar to the one pictured here. Please review the challenges and the options proposed. Then, let us know your advice by filling out a short survey. The survey will take less than 10 minutes, and it includes the following questions: 

  • Which option do you think best solves the challenges? Why? 
  • Is there anything missing? What else should we consider? 
  • How much are you willing to invest on a monthly basis for a long-term facilities solution?

Complete the survey by November 27, 2022. Please be detailed and specific in your feedback - we know there are a variety of different perspectives and we want to capture all of that nuance so our Board can determine the next steps. 

If you did not receive a pamphlet and live in the USD 418 school district, you can either pick one up at Central Office (514 N. Main) or review the information at https://www.418facilitiesplanning.com/

Over the past five years, the USD 418 Board of Education has been evaluating our current buildings and looking at how facilities can help fuel student and community success for the next 50 years. We recently held visioning sessions with community and staff to look at key factors and develop possible solutions. We’re now seeking advice from you on possible options that emerged from these meetings. 

Our community’s ability to thrive in the future depends on the quality of our schools, and facilities play a major role in the education of our children.  

As you’ll see in the following pages, we’re at a crossroads. Many buildings—including the HVAC, electrical, and other systems within them—have exceeded their life expectancy. Our community demographics are shifting. The needs of our students and staff are different from when the original buildings were designed.

In short, it’s a complex puzzle. And, we need your input to solve it.